Monday, June 26, 2006

About Japanese junior high school

I'm going to talke about junior high school: students, teachers from my experience.

I have never done a practice teaching IN a junior high school, but I went to an elementary school and practiced teaching last year.

When I was a junior high school student, I became VERY shy and disliked to talk during a lesson time. I didn't know why, but I think now, I felt a kinds of emptiness then. We have to agree that the most important thing is a grade and there is the difference among individuals, especially in a study. A teacher has to face this problem and we also have to think about it.

I couldn't enjoy lessons because these were boring and I dislike teachers. A teacher should give students enjoyable lesson, for example, a teacher don't speak too much, students can speak freely and students can feel that this lesson is useful.
I think the important thing is how a teacher has students move, be active or have fan and so on... The lesson has no meaning if students can't learn topics because of a bore.

A goal should be placed in a lesson. Students can learn English with a clearly aim if they understand the meaning of the lesson.

I wrote a half, I'm going to write a continuation after. I put my dictionary in my home today, I can't continue without my dictionary(=. =;)


At 3:53 AM, Blogger JH said...

Hi Riverdance,
Long time no see! Thanks for your candid post. I am looking forward to reading the additions you make to the post.

At 4:05 AM, Blogger JH said...

On more thing. Two read the comments of your classmates please go to this link.

At 12:51 AM, Blogger Steve Jang said...

Hi. I'm an ALT in Iwate prefecture. I can relate to your experiences as a junior high school student. I felt the same way when I was growing up and going to school. There were many classes and teachers that I didn't like. And I also became very shy and never talked nor raised my hand. I always wanted to sit in the back of the classroom and just hide and or sleep. I think I caused my share of trouble for many a teacher!

So maybe we both know how some junior high school students feel. And you are correct--a teacher should give students an enjoyable lesson.

But at the same time, a teacher must get the students to understand that learning English is not 100% the responsibility of the teacher! It is up to the students to do the hard work and study to become proficient in English.

Imagine that the teacher gives the student a car, and the student has to drive it from point A to B. The teacher can give the student an old, run-down car with a flat tire, or the teacher can give the student a brand-new, Italian convertible sports coupe. Either way, the student still has to go from point A to B. Of course, anyone will tell you that he or she would rather have the brand-new sports coupe!


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